Our first award!

We were thrilled to receive this Outstanding Achievement award from the British Government’s department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Last year we were lucky enough to be selected from a global pool of talented entrepreneurs and awarded a place on the prestigious Sirius Programme. They gave us investment, training, and paid for us to attend one of the UK’s best incubators. They’ve supported us for a year now, following our twists and turns as we’ve developed as a company.

The journey has been rough at times - when you’re trying to survive in London on £400 a month you often question your sanity - which is why it’s super motivating to be given an award that recognises the hard work we’ve put in.

The UK is getting better and better for young businesses. Without the government’s support, guidance and funding we probably would never have managed to get Penelope off the ground, and we definitely wouldn’t have made such quick progress.