BMJ Open begins Penelope trial

Today we are delighted to announce that BMJ Open will be inviting their authors to try Penelope. We have created a version of Penelope customised to their journal guidelines, and we will be excited to learn what authors think of the tool over the next few months. 

We are thrilled to be working with the BMJ, whose staff have been so generous during our development, giving us feedback and advice from day 1. The BMJ publishing group has a long-standing commitment to research integrity; it is an ever-present voice in discussions around improving research, a champion of reporting guidelines and a partner of the Methods In Research on Research PhD programme.

We are particularly excited to be working with BMJ Open, an innovative journal that is fully committed to transparency and reproducibility. In the words of Adrian Aldcroft, Editor of BMJ Open, “We want to embrace technology and tools that can help us achieve a high editorial standard whilst also simplifying the publication process for our authors. We are excited to pilot the Penelope tool with the hope that it improves the author experience, simplifies the submission process, and helps us achieve our editorial goals.”

You can read more on BMJ Open's blog.