Welcome to Penelope



Penelope is an automated tool that will give you instant feedback on your work and make suggestions that will better your chances of a speedy publication. 

We are running a pilot, together with Oxford University, to learn how authors feel about the tool and whether it improves scientific reporting.

If you choose to take part you should:

  1. Let your editor know via email, so that they wait for you
  2. Take your time to act on Penelope's suggestions
  3. Email your updated manuscript back to your editor. 

Researchers at Oxford will then compare anonymised versions of your work. They'll look at the version you upload to Penelope and the version you send to your editor and see how your work changed. Your personal details and the content of your work will all be kept private. 

This pilot is completely separate from the journal's own review process. Editors will consider your manuscript as they usually do, and will not have access to the assessment carried out by Oxford University until later.