When emailing manuscripts to Penelope, put keywords into the body of your mail to control which checks get done.

No Keywords (default):

Leave the email blank and Penelope will assume the manuscript is a generic research article. By default, it will check for:

  • A data citation and statement
  • Funding and acknowledgements sections
  • A structured abstract
  • Introduction, methods, results and discussion sections
  • All tables & figures have legends and are present in the docx
  • All F, t, and r tests have their degrees of freedom, and match with the given p-values
  • All p-values are given as equalities and accompanied by confidence intervals 
  • Percentages are accompanied by absolute values
  • All citations are referenced, and vice versa 


Will carry out all default checks, but won't look for any section headings, acknowledgements, funding or data. 


(This is for literature review articles, not systematic reviews). Will carry out all default checks, but won't look for any section headings. 


Will carry out all default checks, and will look for ethical approval and informed consent. 

Animals or Arrive:

Will additionally look for ethical approval, and citation of the ARRIVE guidelines.

Cell lines:

Will check for mention of mycoplasma and any cell lines on the ICALC register

CLinical trial or consort:

Will additionally look for trial registration, ethical approval, informed consent and citation of the CONSORT guidelines. 

Case report or CARE:

Will do all default checks but won't look for a methods section. Will look for citation of the CARE guidelines. 


Will look for citation of the respecting guidelines.