What does Penelope check for?

See our full list of checks here.

Can I request additional checks?

Yes. Get in touch if you'd like to suggest an additional check. We'd love to collaborate with other researchers and developers. If you're a journal and you'd like a bespoke check made then get in touch and we can talk about it.

What file format does Penelope accept?

Penelope currently checks Word files. Docx files are best, but if an author uploads a .doc file Penelope will try to convert it into a docx before processing. In the coming months we'll begin accepting other file formats such as LaTeX and PDF.

What happens to submitted files?

Manuscripts submitted through our author tool are deleted after four weeks. To help improve our algorithms, our staff manually double check a small number of manuscripts before they get deleted. We don't share author's work, details or ideas with anybody. See out full privacy policy here.

Where did the name Penelope come from?

Academics like acronyms. We started off with the terms Publishing and Natural Language Processing. This gave us the acronym PNLP which sounded like Penelope....and it stuck.