Reporting ANOVAs


When reporting an ANOVA you should include the following information. 

  1. State what kind of ANOVA you used: Was it one-way, two-way, repeated measures or mixed? 
  2. Check and state that your data is normally distributed: Your data should follow a normal distribution. Check this by plotting the data on a histogram or scatter graph. For independent data you should plot the residuals. For a repeated measures ANOVA you should plot the residuals at each time point. If the chart peaks in the middle and is roughly symmetrical then your data is normal. Otherwise, you should use a Kruskal-Wallis test (for independent data) or Friedman test (for repeated measures data).
  3. State the degrees of freedom and the test statistic: Write this as F(df1, df2) = F-statistic.
  4. Include a measure of precision: generally a 95% confidence interval

The SAMPL guidelines explain how to report statistics.